Quantum Creator

Quantum Creating is based on Quantum science and the knowing that all our solutions (Desires) already exist as frequency in the field. They are ripe and ready for us to pluck NOW. We have only to feel the feeling of having them to draw them to us.
But sometimes living in “reality” makes it tricky to feel the feeling of the thing you want but don’t YET have.
Creativity is an absolutely perfect tool to get those feelings flowing and build momentum.

Imagination, Creativity and Play helps us “FEEL” what we want so we can see it or realise it.
Everyone has an imagination but we have built a lot of momentum in imagining what might go wrong in our lives. NOW is the time to say “No More!” to that and turn those thoughts towards the wonderful solutions that we know are there. To grow momentum the other way and focus on what can go so right.

Mood Board: What do you DESIRE?

With that in mind, many of my creations are intentional art experiences aiming to bring more JOY, CALM, EASE, THRIVING, VIBRANCE, CLARITY, CONNECTION and WELLBEING. It gives me no end of pleasure to design experiences that are powerful yet super easy and fun to do.

So I hope you’ll join me and together we can step into a thriving, vibrant vibration that draws an amazing life to us. Our true nature absolutely IS abundant wellbeing in all areas of  life. I’m so ready to have lots of FUN creating that! How about you?

Sarah has been “making art” all her life in many forms. From Textile Design, through Graphic Design to Festival Art Co-ordination she has had many wonderful experiences. She is also a trained Art Therapist and right NOW her current focus is combining those skills with her love of Quantum Science and the Law of Attraction for herself and those that resonate. A powerful Combination for a Super FUN life.


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