Creativity Cleanse — SHINE

Re-Awaken your Creativity, Re-discover your Shine
Blast away any grey in your day &  feel the difference.
Its amazing what investing a little time in you can do!


( 11 day collage playshop)


If your feeling rushed, tired, grey, lethargic, like you have somehow lost the juicy vibrant self you know you are. Or if you just want to turn up the volume of your shine!

Then this playshop can help you:

  • Relax, recharge and release your true self.
  • Re-discover and be more “yourself” with the ones you love
  • Become clear and grounded in amongst the busyness
  • Reconnect to your playful and fun loving self
  • Step out of the go Go GO and slow back down into your Flow
  • Re-Awaken and unleash the creativity you knew as a child
  • Step into your intuitive wisdom and gain powerful insights for your life
  • Gain the confidence to take steps towards your empowered, authentic bigger life
  • Value yourself, your time and your creativity


And to make it really easy you can do it at your own pace… in your own space!

The program is self/audio guided so that you can create your collage at the time of day that suits you and you can do it in your own space. It is best to really commit and do all 11 days. BUT if this doesn’t happen and life steps in, please don’t worry. Doing it at your own pace will have an effect.

What if I am not creative?

Do you ever say “I used to love to paint, draw, sew, sing as a child. This cleanse is all about allowing yourself to reconnect to and re-awaken that part that is still within you. Absolutely no previous experience is necessary and however, whatever you create is perfect!  Anyone can do it and with no-one watching you can really allow yourself to let go!

The playshop includes…

  • Two mp3 audios: 1. Guides you into your imaginal world and on into 11 powerful collages. 2. Guides you to get the most from your experience.
  • Express yourself sheets so you can dive into your artwork and explore its messages. Get clear, grounded and gain insights for your life.

Previous playshop-ers loved it!:

“So excited to go on another journey with you Sarah !! For me the collage adventure was a magical opening to what I believe has brought me to a year of amazing possibilities in 2012 – Looking back at each collage they are like messages from my inner guidance a reminder and stepping stones leading me through the year !”
Stephanie Gregory

This is an amazing workshop where i could work in my own personal space but also felt very supported by the group but mostly by Sarah, who even went out of her way to check up on me once my routine changed and life got in the way! I also found the fact that posting over the internet helped me be open and honest about my journey… Thanks Sarah


What happens next?

This playshop is a home study course. Once payment is made you will be emailed everything you need to get you started. For 11 days you will be guided step by simple step into creative collage fun! And with each day’s collage you will feel more connected to YOU.

Create your space, get ready, and I’ll see you on the inside

Now its time to get excited, start collecting your magazines, bits and pieces of images and pick yourself a cosy spot you’d like to create in. (This can be in your house, in your car, or even in nature!) I look forward to following your journey!

Creatively yours



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