Girl Quirky

Girl Quirky

Girl Quirky comes from the creative part of me that wants to inspire you to live life in your own authentic and quirky way.
GQ, as I affectionately call her, appeared one day during my art therapy training. Balloon in one hand she stood quietly waiting to be noticed behind my story tree.
I don’t think about how to draw her – she comes when she comes – each image flowing without thought. She seems to be Quirkily linked to my life story, my story tree and I love how each image is a surprise. She dreams when I need more sleep, has wings when I need to take courage and fly, and dons a pirate outfit when I have forgotten to see the treasures in my life.

She is very wise …and if you would love some of her quirky wisdom for yourself you can:
• Colour my Quirky Colouring Book. Card set coming soon.
• Take some time with her in my gallery.
Browse her shop and find some treasures so you can spread Quirky love around the world too!
• Come, say hi and join us on facebook and instagram

Please note all images on this website are copyright so if you would like to use GQ in any way please let me know. I am always open to sharing her and sending more quirkiness into the world. It is however illegal to use anyones artwork in any form without their permission. Thanks for understanding.

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