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Creativity, once you open yourself up to it, flows where it will. Whether that be cooking, dancing, craft, art … All we have to do is follow the dance. I’ve never had any formal training in illustration or fine arts but happily for me, opportunities have opened up in the dance of my life. I always knew art was for me so at 17rs old I began a one year course that dabbled in clay, photography, life drawing, product design and many things arty farty. A little taster and I loved it all. I then decided fashion might be a fun life for a young woman and moved to the big city – going on to graduate in fashion and textiles. I played in that world for a time, while at the same time dabbling with book illustration because, well that might be fun right?  Then out of the blue (or the field lol) an opportunity to move to Australia and learn graphic design appeared…”why not”?! I thought. So I crossed the globe – and began my training as a graphic artist – illustration projects began to come my way. Book covers, posters, marketing materials!! Don’t you just love how what you want unfolds?!

I love both hand drawn and computer illustration…often using a fusion of both. My style grows and changes as I do and the opening up of my illustration work has also lead me into canvas work, sculpture and installations. I don’t create in the same style that I did in 1995 now, but its lovely to see where my style started and how it has evolved. Since using Quantum Creating/Art Therapy practises in my everyday life my work has really moved away from creating for a purpose (from my mind) to creating from my soul (connecting to my intuition). My journey has shown me that you don’t have to know where your going just what you love. You don’t always have to have all the training because once you know what you love opportunities arise. And there are no mistakes just steps to becoming who you are meant to be. As Thomas Edison said Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. So my lifes mantra is just keep stepping and the path will appear. I hope that my story inspires you to dive into what you love.

How I illustrated in 1996

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